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Welcome to the world famous Gamblers World International Editorial Page.  The purpose

of this editorial page is to express the thoughts and views of GWI.  It may express the views

and thoughts of people who do not have a forum to  reach other people.  People have always

met at barbershops,  beauty salons,  restaurants,  bars,  etc,  and had open discussions

for interesting conversations.  Here at GWI We will offer our opinion and give people food for thought

and conversation.  We will offer our feelings on subjects that we feel need to be addressed

to our members.  We offer no views on our site for people who disagree or agree with our

point of view.  This is simply our thoughts and we move on.  GWI editorial page is free for public 

viewing.  We will publish our editorial views as regularly as we feel we need.  The views of

this editorial page , is not intended to directly or indirectly offend anyone or any group.

It is simply GWI providing information.  GWI doesn't represent any person or group. GWI

represents itself!!!    We look forward to having you view our editorial page now and in the future.

Tell your friends about us.  We look forward to your visits to our site as we move forward

towards more improvement in the future.  GOOD LUCK!!!



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